Get decked out with the Paint Pros! We do Wooden Decking in Johannesburg, Gauteng

With so many years of experience and the building of skills Paint Pros works on all types of wooden decking projects in Johannesburg.
Paint Pros’s wooden decking in Johannesburg service is becoming a wonderfully affordable option for those looking to improve the look and appeal of their homes. Paint Pros the leaders in painting contractors Johannesburg also specialises in interior and exterior painting jobs, roofing painting and damp proofing. But we are also the experts in wooden decking in Johannesburg. Looking for wooden decking prices in Johannesburg?
Contact us today for your affordable quote for a stylish wooden deck. Did you know we also do waterproofing in the Johannesburg area ?

A wooden deck is a wonderful added extra to any home as it not only beautiful to look at but it is also a stunning place to relax. Many South Africans love to spend time outdoors and where best to spend time outdoors than in your own garden. Our team works closely with clients to ensure that the final project is a stunning success. Wooden decking in Johannesburg comes in many different shapes and sizes and they can be created from all different types of wood.

If you are looking for a paint contractor in Johannesburg, take a look at our roof coatings page for more info.

Hey Johannesburg, so what are the benefits of wooden decking?

The deck is definitely one of the nicest places to host guests and to relax, in many ways it is taking over the popularity of having a stoep (veranda). Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider wooden decking for your Johannesburg home:

wooden decking johannnesburg prices, pretoria, gauteng
wooden decking johannesburg prices

1. It is a great hosting place
Wooden decking provides the perfect area to kick back and relax while you are playing host to your friends and family. The extra space will also mean less people within your home which might not have as much space.

2. The value of your home will increase
This is arguably one of the biggest benefits for having a wooden deck installed. Should you one day decide to sell your home, the wooden deck will certainly push up the value of your home when you sell.

3. Wooden decking looks great
If you are looking to visually enhance the appearance of your home, having a deck is one of the great ways in which to give your home a new look. Wooden decking will add an attractive quality to the home that will make the whole property look fantastic.

4. They can be quickly built
Once you have settled all of the logistics of having wooden decking installed in your Johannesburg home, your decking can be built within a matter of a week, depending on who you are going to be working with. This means you will get your deck quickly and experience minimal noise while the deck is being installed.

5. Wooden decking can be relatively cheap
Unlike the other home additions that can be added to the home, the wooden decking is a cheaper option to invest in. Because it is not all that expensive to install wooden decking, most people’s budgets can accommodate this wonderful extension. One of the biggest factors that influences the price of your decking will be the wood that you choose to use. We can advise you on the best wooden decking Johahannesburg prices.

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