If you’re in the market to sell or buy a house, did you know that the quality of your house’s paint can have an effect on the selling price? Painting contractors in Johannesburg might be the best people to call when you are looking to up your selling price. The ... Read More


Red is your favourite colour? You feel that blue makes your room a bit too cold? Perhaps you are turned off by the different shades of green? There are many things to think about when you are choosing those hues that are going to adorn your walls. Choosing the right ... Read More


Painting contractors in Johannesburg advice on room colours Let’s start by saying that you should forget all colour trends. What suits one person’s tastes and personality is probably not going to suit your own. Colour combinations and where the colour will be applied is all important to the suitability of the ... Read More


With the right painting contractors in Johannesburg, your painting job is going to be a success! You’ve seen all those signs on the street corners throughout the city, they are advertising painting contractors in Johannesburg. While these contractors are possibly very good at what they do, there is ... Read More


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