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Paint Pros is a maintenance paint contracting company based in Edenvale, Johannesburg, Gauteng. Our centrally based location is for your convenience and it allows us to supply our painting contractor services to our clients based throughout Johannesburg and Gauteng. We pride ourselves on providing excellent, professional services with specific attention to detail in all of the contracting and paint maintenance work that we do. Our services go beyond being the leaders in paint contracting in Johannesburg, we also specialise in roof waterproofing in Johannesburg and are the number one choice when it comes to wooden decking in Johannesburg and the broader Gauteng

We are the trusted choice in paint contracting, wooden decking and waterproofing in Johannesburg

We take great pleasure in turning your home or building into a beautiful, neat establishment, one that is going to look stunning while being kept safe from the many abrasive factors that can affect paint. We provide coatings of paint to the interior of buildings as well as to the exterior, including walls and roofs. With a lush coating of the right paint, our painting contractors in Johannesburg will give your building a complete, transforming paint application.

There is more to our industry than simply applying the paint and watching it dry! We know that there is a difference not only in the various paint types which can be used, but also in the application styles and the surface on which the paint is going to be applied. Your outside walls need a different kind of treatment to that of your inside walls. We take pride in not only knowing the difference between the types of applications and paints, but also in knowing those painting skills that can only come from many years of professional experience. As painting contractors in Johannesburg and the broader Gauteng our painting crew is also skilled in the art of roof painting, in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. Our team will give your roof the tender loving care that it needs, using skill to coat the roof in a quality paint that will give it that protective layer that will last many years. Click here to find out more about Paint Pros, the Johannesburg roof painters .

We do more than painting, we can take care of your roof waterproofing in Johannesburg and Gauteng as well. Words can hardly describe the upset and irritation of having water drip through your roof, damage your ceiling and make a little slippery puddle on the floor of your living room, or worse, on your fluffy white carpet.

But when you notice that brown water mark slowly spreading on your ceiling, you can call on us to fix the problem before it gets any worse. While we are the Johannesburg paint contractors that you can rely on, we are also a great roof waterproofing company and only a call away when the rain starts pouring in. Roof Waterproofing (or damp proofing) in Johannesburg is a part of the excellent services that we provide.

Our team of Johannesburg waterproofing contractors who will ensure that your roof is sealed the right way. No more water will invade your home after we have seen to it. Where the water goes, so does the damp. Let Paint Pros assist by providing you with damp proofing in Johannesburg. Using sealants provides any surface with that water tight barrier that is enough to keep out any bit of moisture that tries to probe its way in. With our damp proofing in Johannesburg you will never again have to be concerned with the damage that damp can cause as once the water proofing is in place, your building structure is going to be damp proofed as well.

Paint Pros painting contractors in Johannesburg has the painting skills.



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